Thursday, October 9, 2008

Dad update

The past few days have been hard to deal with but I talk to my dad everyday and he is sounding better. I am sure I do not have to tell you how hard it is being so far away. When the Dr goes in to his room once or twice then my mom has to relay the information to me it gets confusing. So far I do know that he has blockage in 2 artery's, 1 at 80% and 1 at 100%. He also has a growth on his heart located close to a valve that they are really concerned about. I was lucky to have spoken to my mom yesterday while the nurse was in the room so I got to hear what she was saying as well.
They are scheduling surgery for Monday. At that time they will clear the blockage and remove the mass. I am not sure if clearing the blockage is the right term. He is having a double bypass. Once again sounds scary but they do it all the time, right?
Now last night I had my daughter hat off and my business hat on and it got me thinking. He doesn't have health insurance, can they not do the surgery? I have been told, NO! Since he is there they have to treat him. There was talk of him being discharged to go home then come back but he isn't doing that anymore because it might be hard to get him back in because of the health insurance thing. Another thing I was talking to my sister about is having a power of attorney type thing so that the Dr can call me to discuss treatment, tests and results or whatever else. My mom is in no position to understand everything they are throwing at her. So this morning I printed off some forms for me and my siblings to fill out so my mom can just concentrate on being by his side. I guess people never think abut things like this unless they HAVE to. I will be so happy tomorrow when we get to the hospital so me, my brother and sister can all sit and speak with the Dr and figure this all out. I called to get an appt for a consult with the Dr but since he does surgery most of the day the nurse said it would be best just to page him once we get there. Joy it could take hours, but hey it has to be done. My mom has also filled out financial assistance paperwork and I have advised her to meet with a social worker to see if there is a hospital that will maybe do the surgery as a case study type thing.
Sorry for the ramble. It helps me to get my thoughts out. I am sure I will look back on this post just like I do the other one's so I can reminisce. I do that all the time, look back on this day but a year ago and see what I was blogging about.

ok take care and thank you for your thoughts and prayers.


Kim H. said...

Hey - what hospital is he at? That makes a huge difference in if they have to treat him or if they can not perform the surgery because of his financial situation.

If there is anything I can do - please let me know...

Jenn and Kevin Simpson said...

Awww...Staci...I am so sorry all this has happened to your family. I am so glad you are coming in to help take care of things. I understand if you can't do the have your hands full. I will just pick up the tags from you.
Please let me know what I can do. I will continue to pray for your father.

The Myers Family said...

OH NO Stacey! I'm praying for your dad..and mom too! I'm sure she really needs a ton of support..i can't even imagine! Please keep us updated..and we'll keep praying for your dad!

Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

You and your family are in my prayers. I have been in a similar situation with my own dad, and it is not easy. Blessings to you, and have safe travels!