Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Texas pictures

You can see our pictures here.
You may notice in a few that there are life flight pictures. That is because on our way to my brother's on Saturday Tasha and I noticed a helicopter flying over and she said it looked like it landed on her house. Actually it landed right behind it. We still aren't sure what happened but do know it involved a child.
Dad is doing very well. He is off the vent and they took out the balloon pump. He is also able to talk. Tomorrow they will sit him up and start to walk him around. I am so amazed at his strength.
We are going to visit him tomorrow. We are also going to TARGET, Party City, and Babies R Us. I can not wait to go to Target. Seriously I can't believe I haven't been yet. Would it be weird to take pics for my Canadian friends, lol!!!

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Kim H. said...

You know - Life Flight was the only thing I was proud of while I worked at Memorial Hermann. They are completely funded by Memorial Hermann and their donors - and it is the most impressive program offered.