Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Weekend fun

Oh the love
Ashley and Lily outside during the birthday party.
Lily chewing on the binky.
Such a sweet girl
Is this how you hold it dad?

This past weekend we had lots of fun. Well I know I did. Friday night I went out all by myself. A friend of mine, Jenn (Canada Jenn not to be confused with Houston Jenn) is moving away so we all had a going away party for her. Let me just tell you my side hurt the next day I laughed so hard. These ladies are hilarious. There were about 12 of us all hanging out talking, drinking, eating and lots of laughing until about 2 am. I had a blast. It is so nice to have made friends here. It makes moving to a new country so much easier.
Saturday Aaron went to the office while me and the kids went shopping. Ashley needed some clothes, as always. We didn't buy much since we are going to Texas soon she can get stuff there.
Sunday we had a birthday party for Beth's 2 yr old, Jayden. Whoa there were lots of kids but it's not bad when there are 15 kids in one place because they are so well behaved. I think I am going to have a party for the babies when we get back from Texas. Since they will be one we are celebrating while we are in Texas but I want to have something here too.
Speaking of the babies we are 11 MONTHS OLD today!!! Where has the time gone? They haven't done many new things from 10 to 11 months. Lily does have 2 bottom teeth now. Preston has zero but still eats everything Lily does. We now only use about 2 jars of stage 3 baby food per day. I have been feeding the stage 3 meals for dinner or lunch since I really haven't been able to find meat to introduce. I have been on the hunt for the Gerber meat sticks but 2 grocery stores I have been to don't have them. Hmmm strange. Yesterday for dinner they had a sweet potato with spinach mixed in. They did not like spinach alone so I created a combo meal. They also had ham. I made a honey baked ham and cut up some small bits for them and they loved it. Today for lunch I am planning on giving them black beans. YUM!!! I figure they can eat anything as long as it's not loaded with sugar and salt and is small enough for them to chew.
This has to be the longest post but I will leave you with a video of bath time last night.


Kim H. said...

As always - I love the pictures!

The Schoens said...'s been a while since I've looked at the blog. I guess it's because I miss ya'll more and more everytime I see it. Our nieces and nephew are beautiful and they're getting so big. I know ya'll will be here in less than a week, but I miss you all so much. See you soon.