Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Texas Tornados

I have felt like a tornado since we rolled into town. We had a great flight on Friday. The babies slept on our first flight then just played and we walked them up and down the aisle for the second flight. Even a few of the flight attendants held them. When we got to Houston I dropped Aaron at his office by the airport and headed to the hospital. My dad was so happy to see us. He looked great and said he felt well. We stayed for about 4 hours before our 2 hour car ride to our side of town. **NOTE**
This car ride should usually take 30 to 45 mins without traffic.
We got to our side of town and settled in for the night. We had a long day.
Saturday we went to my brother and sister in law's house. Aaron stayed there with the kids and my brother while sil and I went to a baby shower. We all met back up at our favorite mexican restaurant. Del Pueblo. Oh how I missed a fried avocado and a margarita!
Sunday we went to watch my brother play at church. He is on the worship team and every Sunday is like a concert. We wrapped up the afternoon with a trip to Costco all kids in tow. We all went back to my sister's for some steaks and potatoes. It was a nice day ending with a nice relaxing night at home my sister's.
Monday we went to the mall for a play date with the kids, mine and my sil with her 2. We met up with another friend who has 1. After the play date we went shopping. Can I just brag how awesomely good all the kids were. I looked at the clock at it was 12:30 so we went to eat. Once we rearranged the tables, got 3 high chairs and went to 3 different places to get food we sat down to eat. We decided the kids were still being really good so why leave. We ended up shopping until 4 pm! So yea from 10 am to 4 pm we were at the mall with 1 teenager and 4 kids under 5 and we all survived. WHOOO HOOO!!
Today was my dad's open heart surgery. They did a by pass on one vessel but could not do the other 2 due to the nature of them. They were calcified and that made the Dr think that he has had a heart attack in the past probably years ago without even noticing. He did very very well. My mom went in to see him after he got out of surgery and he opened his eyes at the sound of her voice. Last news I heard he was off the ventilator and breathing on his own. We are so lucky to have such a close family. I am so glad we were all there at the hospital and he knew there was a waiting room full of people waiting for him to get better. Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers.
Even in Texas this family is full of adventures.
Until our next one take care.
Pictures coming as soon as my husband goes through them.


Kim H. said...

I can't wait to see pictures! I'm so glad your Dad's surgery went well, and I hope that he'll be back home again soon.

The Stone-Simmons Family said...

I am so glad things went well. I have been thinking about all of you. I hope to see you Saturday but we have Savannah's party and Brooke's volleyball game, etc. Maybe Ashley would want to come hang out???? Let me know.

Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

Glad everything is going well for you. Hope your dad continues to progress! Looking forward to your pictures!