Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Please pray for my daddy

I am asking that you pray for my dad. He was taken to the hospital with congestive heart failure and tests show he had a heart attack in the past week. He is ok now and I am ok NOW! Today was rough though being 3,000 miles from the nearest family member doesn't help. He is stable and on oxygen and breathing treatments. He has high blood pressure, age 61 and a smoker. I am hoping and praying he will come out of this and it will encourage him to change his lifestyle.
Thank god we have plans to fly home on Friday. I love you daddy hang in there.

love to all Staci


Karen said...

Absolutely, I'll say a prayer for your dad. How scarey for you and to be so far away! I'll pray for continued healing for him and for peace of mind for you:)

Kim H. said...

Do you know what type of congestive heart failure? My grandmother has gone through it, and hers was viral - so it is now cured. There is hope for a full recovery - he just might have to make some life changes. We're praying for ya'll!