Wednesday, May 13, 2009

18 months

She is turning into such a little helper. Pardon the crappy picture. I really should learn to use our fancy camera.  

So 18 months has come and gone. I have been wanting to blog this for a few weeks and just haven't gotten around to it. Whoever said the first year is the hardest must have forgotten about 18 months!  I don't think the first year is harder just different. With 18 months they are just learning so much and wanting to go go go. Before now they would pretty much sit and play now they are learning they can open doors, push buttons, climb stairs and they also know they can get their way if they scream loud enough!!  Wow these kids are all over the place.  Not only are they starting to know exactly what they want but they will do anything possible to get it. ANYTHING from kicking, screaming and crying.  They have turned into demanding little toddlers.  Don't even think about putting Lily in her chair unless you have some food ON the table.  Not on the counter being cut up, not in the microwave being heated up.......... ON the table ready for her to come to the food, not the food come to her.  Preston is still pretty laid back in that area.  They both are using forks full time.  It's going well until Preston decides he wants to bang his fork pointy side down on the table.  Then Lily decides she can do it better and louder so it turns into a little competition.  We taught them to put their fork and cup on top of their plate and push it away when they are done. That is going well too, and thank god because turning your plate over and launching it onto the floor is not my idea of a fun after dinner activity.  Let me see what else is going on at the funny farm?  We turned Lily's car seat around. I finally feel like she has reached the weight and height requirement.  She loves it, her and Preston hold hands and pass snatch their toys back and forth. 
Cute story: The other day at the grocery store the babies were in the cart (which is a double so they it side by side) when a little old lady came up and asked if they were a twin.  I replied yes then we went through the usual questions, how old, your hands are full, is it hard.  Just as she said they are so cute, Lily laid her head on Preston shoulder and Preston gave Lily a hug and patted her back. It melted my heart. She asked if they were always this sweet and I smiled and said yes! 
Here is a picture taken the other day from my camera phone: 

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