Friday, May 22, 2009

Follow Up Friday

Joe asked: What are your favourite colours (clothes) for the kids?
Answer: Preston, green and Lily purple. I love how those colors look against their olive skin tone.

The Mommy Diaries asked: If money were no object, where would you take a trip to?
Answer: Tahiti, Raiatea to be exact. I wouldn't mind going to New Zealand or The Great Barrier Reef either.

Mama Jean asked: If you would want to have them look like and have a character, who would you choose?
Answer: I am kind of confused by your question. Are you asking if the kids could look like another person? I don't think I would want them to look or act like anyone other than themselves, they're perfect.
Edit: I was in such a rush to answer these. I think this pretty weather has gone to my head. I read part of your question, Mama Jean and thought hmmmm they are perfect why would we change them. Now I get it. Of course we want them to look like Mama Jean and Popa. Don't apologize I should be the one apologizing, I need to read through better before I start typing. Love you and can't wait to see ya'll in 3 1/2 weeks!

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Mama Jean said...

I think that was a trick question, of course I would answer, I want Lily to look like mama jean and preston to look like popa. But, the correct answer to this question is that they are exactly like we want them to be, God made them like this and so it should be. Our babies are so beautiful, could we have them any other way? I apologize for that question.
mama jean