Friday, May 1, 2009

Follow up Friday!

Mama Jean asked: With this swine flu going around and the plane that brought people to St John's with it, has it affected any of the family's schedules or outings? 

ANSWER: I haven't heard that the swine flu has made it's way to St John's. Only yesterday they announced it had made it to Canada. So no we haven't changed anything. If it does make it to St John's we will not go out as much and make sure we keep our hands washed. 

The Mommy Diaries asked: I'd love to hear about your wedding! What was it like? Where did you get married? Any pictures?

ANSWER: Aaron's parents and 2 other couples were planning a trip to las Vegas in July 2004.
 Aaron asked his mom what she thought of us going along to get married. Only he didn't mention anything to me until about 3 weeks before we were set to leave. One night at home in the kitchen he asked me to fill out some papers for us to get our marriage license while we were in Vegas. Of course me not knowing freaked out and was so excited. First that he kept it from me for, I think it was like 3 months and he even cleared the vacation time at my work. So the plans were set in motion we drove to Louisiana hopped on a plane and headed to Vegas. We
 got married in the Candlelight Wedding chapel, the only free standing chapel in Vegas. Afterwards we drank margaritas and had a steak dinner. I don't know why more couples don't
 get married like that. It was cheap too, well compared to some of the other weddings I have seen it was. In September Aaron's parents hosted a reception for us. His whole family as well as my family from Texas came to Louisiana for a big party, Cajun style!!! Good times!!

Mama Jean asked: How about your wedding dress? Is there a story about it? 

ANSWER: As a matter of fact there is. We drove to Louisiana the day before our trip and arrived around 10 pm. When we walked into Aaron's parents house his mom said how happy she was to see us, do we have everything.......... shoes, vail, the dress? THE DRESS!!!!! We forgot it in Houston. When we travel I always hang up our clothes on a door frame so we don't forget them, ha you see how that worked out for me. We decided just to leave for the 4 hour drive back to Houston, stay the night and go to LA the next morning, bright and early. We made it back to LA from Houston with the dress just in time to go to the airport. 

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Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

Thank you! I love wedding stories. You looked GORGEOUS, by the way.