Friday, May 8, 2009

Follow up Friday!

Joe asked: What would your dream home look like?
ANSWER: Well for starters it would have a wrap around porch. Then the kitchen would have dark cherry wood cabinets with granite countertops, tile floors and all stainless appliances. Tile through out the rest of the house except the family room would be carpet or laminate flooring. I love an open concept when you walk into a house and you can see the living, dining, kitchen and through the back door. A 3 car garage and covered back patio with an outdoor kitchen. It would be 4 bedroom with a game room and a media room. The yard would be beautifully landscaped too. Can you tell I have been thinking about this for quit some time? 

The Mommy Diaries asked: I would love to hear your birth stories. Ashley, the babies, either one. I love reading birth stories! :-)

ANSWER: Well with both pregnancies I had toxemia (click here to read all about toxemia) right before by delivery date. Due to toxemia I was induced both times. With Ashley I went to the dr for my weekly check up and was advised to go to the hospital. I was given the cervix softening gel at 10 pm. My water broke at 7 am and I had her at 9:20 am. 

With the twins I already had an induction date of 10-31-07. When I got to the hospital everything was fine but quickly started to go down hill as my blood pressure rose to 170/110. I was able to get an epidural, which I didn't get with

Ashley, the anesthesiologist didn't get there in time. The babies were born without c section at 11:09 and 11:11. Lily was double footed breech, thank god for that epidural!


Alicia asked: Hehe, you're right...I was lurking!!! Hmmmmmm, is there anything about living in Newfoundland that you prefer over living in Houston?? 

ANSWER: No traffic, ever!!! In Houston I lived 7 miles from my office and it would take about 30 mins (or more if there was an accident) to get there. Here it takes 10-15 mins to get anywhere. Also the summers aren't so hot and humid. 

Andi asked: Do either of the babies look like Ashley did when she was a baby?

ANSWER: Yes, Lily does. Here is a picture of Ashley and Lily. Isn't it funny they both make the same face? 

Jenn asked: Describe your perfect day (not weather wise...activity wise) 

ANSWER: Me, Aaron and the kids would start out by going to eat a good breakfast. Then go to a beautiful place to have a walk and enjoy the fresh air. The afternooon would be spent playing at the park and eating ice cream then head to an Astros game. After the game Aaron and I would tuck the kids into bed and sneak out for a dinner date. 


What is a regret that you live with? 
ANSWER: I try not to live with regrets. Life should be about living it to it's fullest and not regretting decisions. Although I do have one, it's moving BACK up to Virginia after I was already back home in Texas. There really was no reason for me to go back to VA. 

This will be fun...ask Aaron and Ashley to describe you in Five Words and report back. 
ANSWER: I will but they aren't home so I will report back soon. 

Would you rather be rich or famous? 
ANSWER: Famous for doing something good in the world, hopefully. 

Robyn asked: Does Preston throw everything as if it were a ball?
ANSWER: Thankfully no, not yet anyway. He has the temper but just throws himself on the floor for now. 

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