Thursday, September 4, 2008

10 months and more

Well actually 10 month and 4 days. They are getting around so well. Lily pulls up on everything and yesterday she climbed the bottom step on the stairs. Yikes! Preston can now pull himself up in his crib but he hasn't pulled up on anything else yet. Lily is a full crawler on all fours. She is quick too. Let the baby proofing begin. I think that will be my project for the weekend. We already have the standard baby proofing done (plugs, cords, choking hazards) I am talking gates, mount furniture to walls type thing here. As far as food goes Lily doesn't mind textures and different foods but Preston does. Nana made them some mashed potatoes and he didn't care for them at all. So for now they are still on stage 2 foods. lol I give them chunkier stuff like fresh avocados, bananas or sweet potatoes but it's mostly stage 2.

Ashley's first day of school yesterday went well. She met a few girls and has a locker buddy. They have the big lockers and 2 people share. She is going to attempt to ride the bus home today so she can figure out the route. She is pretty happy with the school but she said that they switch classes but with the same group of kids that are in their homeroom. Basically you are with the same kids all day long. She is going to sign up for volleyball, soccer and junior climbing club so I am sure she will have friends in no time.

We have been getting back into a routine lately. We rented a few movies the past few days and have been watching them with Ashley after the babies go to bed. So far we have seen The Simpson movie (pretty funny) Dan in Real Life (really funny) Cloverfield (the way the movie is filmed is weird but if you can get past that it's really good) and The Bucket List (my favorite, It's a feel good film and I always love those)

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