Saturday, September 6, 2008

What a day!

We went to Ashley's last soccer game, gold medal game! Their team came in second so they got the silver. After we got home the babies were playing around on the floor and we saw blood on Preston's pants. At first I thought it was him but it was Lily. She cut her finger on the baseboard heater. She never cried we just saw blood. We set her in the sink so she could play in the water and get her fingers washed off and put some band aids on them. We put a band aid on each finger but her fingers were still bleeding through so I had to get out the gauze. She cried because the gauze was on there.

Poor thing her fingers finally stopped bleeding.
After the Lily drama Preston and daddy settled in to watch some football.
Lily showed off how she can climb the stairs.

Aaron has uploaded lots of pictures. Click on his web album to the right.
take care- Staci


Kim H. said...

Poor Lily-pie... she looks so sad with the bandaid on her fingers!

I believe that you'll have a similar picture of Aaron and Preston each year for many to come... so cute though as a baby!!

dawnmanuel said...

Everyone looks great, and like you all are having a great time. I love your blog when I get a chance to take a quick peek.

Deanna said...

I think this is the cutest picture of what a boo-boo really looks like...go Ashley and her silver, woohoo!! I miss ya'll so much!! I can't wait to see you in Oct, I'm driving in!! Love you!! XOXOXO