Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Some cute pics

These are all the clothes that are too small for them........ =(
Lily looking so cute
Preston blowing bubbles in his cool new socks
Another fall picture haha
Someone came to the house today to ask about our driveway needing to be sealed. As he walked away he asked, isn't it too early for Halloween decorations.......seriously is it any of his business. Anyway I said no actually it's fall and it starts on the 22nd. He said oh your not from around here are you? What a jackass. That's a way to get a customer.....idiot!!!!

Some pics from the car show. They had some awesome cars.

Look Tash it's HUGGER ORANGE!!!

Look how tiny these wheels are.


Trisa said...

My fall decorations go up today...including candy corn in the pumpkin candy dish! More power to you for getting them up and into the season!

Pete and Shelley said...

That made me laugh.....we have a 1972 Chevy Blazer and my husband just told me that we're going to have it painted Hugger Orange. I had never heard that before and now TWICE in one week. :-)

dawnmanuel said...

Get use to going through Preston and Lily's clothes. It will never end. It's like one day they wake up and all the clothes in their closets no longer fit. I'm still having that expereince with our older ones.