Friday, September 19, 2008

My sweet babies

Lily has been so sweet and has learned to give kisses. She now kisses everyone EXCEPT ME. She will kiss her bear, puppy and even a giraffe. It seems she loves anything with a face and cracks up if you show her a toy that has a face. She is too funny.

Lately we have been introducing more and more textures. Even to the non texture loving boy. I have given them the puff snacks. Similar to cereal but flavored. They love the blueberry and sweet potato flavors. The other night they had peas and I didn't even have to mash them up. Oh my and I also forgot how messy those teething biscuits are. I gave them some after lunch and ended up just putting them in the tub for some water fun. They loved them though and cried when they were done.

Preston crawled on all fours yesterday but quickly went back to scooting. Well he more like drags his legs as he pulls himself forward with his arms. He has some serious upper body strength, he could be the world's strongest baby. HAHA He doesn't seem to mind the scooting and neither do I.

OK so what else.

ASHLEY made her cheer leading squad. I am so proud of her. She tried out for top but ended up being chosen for base. The squad is more of a competition where they go to each school and have competitions and eventually got to provincial (state) finals. She has also made some friends. Mostly during the week there is a friend over after school. She met a girl from Tennessee who has only lived here for 1 month. She is always fixing her hair. Here is one when she curled it. If Ashley is ever missing that means she is up in her room fixing her hair. She is so beautiful!

We have definitely seen a temperature drop lately. We woke up this morning to a chilly 43 degrees and blue clear skies. I love it!!!


Kim H. said...

I am soooo jealous about the weather!!

Jenn & Kevin said...

You babies are growing up...even Ashley! She is beautiful.

The Schoens said...

CONGRATS ASH!!! I cant believe I just got off the phone with you and you didnt tell me about Ashley making the sqaud..
I miss you guys and cant wait to see you... 18 more days!!!