Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New foods

Here in Newfoundland blueberries grow abundantly. We however have not been able to get out and pick them. So while we were at a farmers market last weekend we bought a few pints of fresh wild blueberries that looked so good. I decided to make some muffins yesterday and let me just tell you these are my new favorite breakfast/lunch/snack food. Anyway my actual point is that I gave some to the babies and they love them. They each ate a half of a muffin for breakfast.
Yesterday I steamed some crinkle cut carrots and cut them up for them to eat. Lily is really good at feeding herself but Preston still hasn't mastered this skill.
Oh and while we were at Costco on Saturday we gave them some samples of cheese bread. My 6 jars of baby food a day are slowly dwindling down as we introduce more and more real food to them. I am not sure what to do about meat though. It seems all the real food they eat is veggies, cheese, bread and fruits. Their meat still comes from the 3rd food meals (chicken and rice, turkey and veggies, beef with pasta)

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Kim H. said...

I don't think it's normal, but my sister's 6 year old still hasn't had anything more than what you're giving the kids - she didn't even get meat in the form of baby food.

What about those turkey stick things they made for babies? You know the graduate foods where it's more for babies learning to feed themselves?

My sister in law swears by the Gerber Graduates Yogurt bites - I'm not sure who eats more of them - Susan or Brooklyn!