Thursday, September 11, 2008

Some cute pics

I have started something else new. I am going to try giving the babies cups of apple juice at lunch. Of course it's more water than juice but you get the idea. They are still drinking 3 bottles per day, 24 oz of formula per day. I guess that's enough! I am not too sure. I would really love for the bottle to be gone by a year but that's just me wishful thinking. They are starting to be more like little people in the eating dept. They eat 3 meals per day with a bottle of formula about an hour after. They no longer need their 3:00 bottle and are perfectly fine from lunch (12:30 to 1) to dinner at 5:30. Next we will be working on table food. Yikes. I kind of like the ease of baby food, pop the top and you got a meal.

This morning we went to our weekly playgroup. I have meet some really awesome girls. They have really made me feel welcome. I guess it also helps that they love babies and I happen to have 2 of the cutest ones in the world. hehe The weather today is so beautiful nice and breezy with a nip int he air. Just like an actual fall day. My friend J said that soon the leaves will start changing. I can't wait to see that. I will be sure to share pictures for all of my friends and family who still see 80 (27 c) degree temps in the fall.

Go away Hurricane Ike stay away from my hometown and my beloved family and friends. I am really really worried about this storm. I am not sure if it's media hype but they are saying it's the "BIG" one. They always say that though. I will be glued to my computer and tv for the next few days watching the storm coverage so if anyone down there who doesn't have electricity would like to call me I can be your weather center.
love to all!

Finally a picture of Lily's tooth

Preston drinking some juice at lunch.

Aaron and Preston taking a snooze


The Schoens said...

I love the pics..
And man how I miss that comfy chair.. Bring it back!!

Trisa said...


I have my two (born 10/29 & 10/30) eating shredded cheese and tiny dices of soft fruit like pears. The shredded cheese is a big hit and they love feeding themselves!

mom to Paige and Nathan