Saturday, September 20, 2008

Pageant mom strikes again

My family has always said I am a pageant mom. When Ashley was young I would take pictures and instruct her to tilt her head, raise her chin and wipe that smirk off her face. lol Well with the babies it's no different. It's really hard to take a bad picture of such cute babies.

Here they are sitting on the bench at Signal Hill.
Preston shouting and Lily laughing. He is such a boy!

Peek a boo
I love this dress. It was loaned to us by cousin Presley.

Cruise ship in St John's harbor

Yesterday Aaron took off early so we could watch the last leg of the Targa Newfoundland. Well I had it all planned out. Little did I know the cars were running late and they don't race the whole time. They drive to a selected destination and race there. We checked online but could not find anything that would help us determine when we should be at the next race spot. Ashley had to be dropped off at her friends so that put us behind a little. We did finally find the last leg of the last race on the last day. How's that for planning? We only saw a few cars speed by but that was worth the lack of planning, I guess. I felt so bad for Aaron that is the one thing he wanted to see while we were here. Now we have to wait until next year. The event has a website but it doesn't give alot of information. Next year we will plan better. Aaron wants to drive out a few days before and watch some of the race from the western part of Newfoundland. After our Targa excitement we drove up to Signal Hill to see the cruise ship in the harbour. This time of year a few cruise ships per week will dock in the harbour. The one we saw is the Aurora from the United Kingdom, I think it's a 24 night cruise to America and Eastern Canada. Wow that would be awesome.


Kim H. said...

They are darn cute!! And it looks like they smile on command fairly well - which is better than most babies!

Is it just me or is that ship HUGE?!

The Schoens said...

Pageant mom.. I am dying with laughter.. ;)