Saturday, September 27, 2008

Our eating out days ARE OVER!!!

Seriously... we have tried and tried but we can't deny it anymore.
We are a family who likes to eat out. We have done so since the babies were 8 weeks old. We usually go out to eat on Friday nights as a family to enjoy each other's company and catch up on our week. The past 2 or 3 times though have been difficult. Tonight for example we went to eat mexican food it was about 5:30 so I figured we would just feed the babies when we got there. We did feed them while we were waiting for our food but of course when our food gets to the table the babies are all full and by then it was about 7 so they were ready for bed. Lesson learned. Oh and not to mention now that the babies sit in high chairs we have to get a table that has room for all of us. Also the stupid waiter comes and says "hot plate" but still sets it right in front of Lily I practically knocked the table over trying to push the "hot plate" away from her reach. Moron, if it's hot don't set it in front of a baby. Ahhh the days when we could bring the infant carrier into a restaurant and just give them a bottle when the food arrived. I am sure we will try again but not every Friday night like we used to. Ashley has been saving money for her Ipod touch, so she can babysit. hehe
So are there people who eat out with their 1 yr olds? If so how do you do it?

I noticed I have not posted a video lately so here is one for all of those back home that can't wait 13 DAYS!!!!!! to see us.

Some cuuuuuuute pics of Lily. She loves to splish splash in the bath sink.


Anonymous said...

hi sweetheart,
well we went to Portrello's tonight, we just got back home, as you know it was pop's 76 birthday and all the family went to celebrate, needless to say, Prelsey was the center of attraction, she was a holy terior, if you think 1 yr old is bad, just wait until 2 yr olds come along. I will not comment anymore on this. Just wish all of you were there So glad there is only an ear infection
lots of love,
mama jean

Kelly said...

You made me laugh with your "we are a family that likes to eat out" comment. Again, I feel your pain. 2 things that work for us and neither will fulfill your desire to "go out". #1 order it, pick it up, bring it home. #2 we love going to Supper Thyme (not sure if they have those where you are). They set out the ingredients, you follow the instructions to make a bunch of meals, take them home, freeze them and make them when you want to. Very tasty and so convenient. Also a nice date night activity without the kids.

Jenn & Kevin said...

Keep will getting better. If you don't expose them often, they *forget* how to act.

The Schoens said...

I just remember all those times of us going out with my kiddos and telling you guys "You just wait".
Remember that it does get better with time. And they need the exposure. Bring lots of things to entertain them, Food is always an entertainer for Kate and toys or crayons or whatever. But it will pass.. Cant wait to go out to eat with you guys when you come into town so I can witness it first hand :D Love and miss you

Anonymous said...

one thing i learned from my cousin about eating out is to feed the kids while you are eating as well and not before because once they are done eating their food, they are done they want to get out. so what i do with jacob is i bring a finger food snack for him to munch on while we are waiting for our food and once our food comes i just feed him his food in between me eating and it works out great. the finger snack and maybe some toys (i usually give him a play spoon) keeps him busy! so far it's worked like a charm.