Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hurricane Ike

I have been anxiously waiting and worrying about this hurricane. Yesterday before it made land fall I had a few crying spells. For some reason I feel if I was there it would somehow help. What am I going to do throw my super powers up and make it go away?!?!?! HA!!
Last night until around 2 am I stayed up to watch the storm make landfall in Galveston. Today I have been watching Fox news, CNN and several live feeds on the internet to asses the damage. I wish they would stop showing stuff from yesterday and just show videos and pictures of damage today. It irritates me when they say oh we just got new footage we will show it to you in a few minutes, seriously!
I have talked to most of my friends and family down there and they all have done ok. Some without power but no major damage. If you have never lived anywhere near an approaching hurricane it is hard to understand why every news show broadcasts it and why they act so serious when there is a storm approaching. It may or may not be bad but you never really know until the storm passes. Either way it's scary stuff.
I have not been able to reach my mom. I am sure she is fine but since she doesn't have a home phone I can only try her cell phone which just goes to voicemail. So mom if you have electricity and you are reading this CALL ME!!! I am sure she is fine but I gotta worry.
We did go out to the Targa Newfoundland car show today. They had some awesome cars, even a few Camaro's. Oh and 2008 Dodge Challenger. I have pictures but am too tired to upload them now. Targa Newfoundland is a rally car race around the island. It starts and ends in St John's. We met a few guys from Ft Worth, Texas who drove in yesterday after making the 3200 mile trip. They are in the 1988 BMW M3 So of course we will be cheering for them. Last year the race was broadcast on Speedtv but I am not sure if it will be again this year.
Tomorrow I will post my fall decorating pictures. I am so excited for fall. I am sure you are tired of hearing about fall already, lol
take care-


The Canadian Carrabine's said...

I've been doing the same thing for 2 days straight. Sounds like my family is all doing electricity, but no one hurt and no major damage. I too would much rather be there. No news on my house, and the reports about what is really going on is finally coming in. I'm amazed at what they are keeping out of the media. they've pulled 100's of people off of roofs, but rarely talk about it. Its going to be bad news for quite a while.

Diana said...

Hey,Staci. We're all good in Katy,Texas. We were very blessed, we only lost side of fencing and never lost power or cable. Half a mile down, they lost both. My brother-in-law and his sons are all staying at our house and will be for a few more weeks. They have lost all power and trees, but thankfully nothing else. Next time,if it's bigger than a 2, I'm out of here! The hard part now is lines for gas are long and so are the grocery store lines. We're so lucky the power and internet was on at work - ha! Of course,Linda and I were the only ones who showed up. Glenn was in and out all day. I was just thinking about your mom, because I talked to her for awhile on Thursday and she said she was going to stay. I told her she should go to her relatives, but she was worried about the animals. Hopefully, she left and I'm sure she's fine. Please post it as soon as you know.

That's it for now. The babies are gorgeous! Ashley, too!