Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Back into a routine

We are settling back into our routine. Ashley is in school and the babies are back to their 10 and 2 naps.
I have been trying some new things lately. Yesterday I gave the babies a 3 o clock snack when they woke from their nap. They had mandarin oranges and cheerios. They loved it! They aren't so good at feeding themselves yet but they loved the oranges. I just mashed them up with my fingers and fed it to them. I bought some of those little mandarin orange cups at Costco for Ashley's lunch but now that the babies like them it's a healthy snack for everyone. The cheerios I broke into 3 or 4 pieces and they mashed them up with their gums.

We have also been doing well keeping the infant seats in the car. Preston is getting so heavy it's pretty difficult to carry him in the infant seat. The only bad thing is if they are sleeping then you have to unbuckle them and get them out obviously waking them up. I am trying to not take the infant seat out at all so we can put the convertible car seats in there. It's a little easier said than done though. Some stores only have a buggy that holds one baby. What do you do with the other? What if there is no buggy? Do you take the stroller in and hope it fits? I don't know why this is so hard for me to comprehend. I have put the baby carrier in the car in case I need it. My goal from today is not take the infant seats out of the car. I will let ya know how that works out.

I am hoping to start baby signing soon. I am not sure when is a good time to start I need to email Tasha (sil) to ask her. Her son, Jakob, could sign just about anything. I remember it made communication so much easier.

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The Schoens said...

A schedule sure is nice isnt it??
I started signing to Jakob at about 10 months. You can start anytime. Of course the older they get the quicker they will pick them up. Start out with words you use everyday like Milk, Bottle, Cup, More that kinda thing. If you just use it everytime you say the word they will pick it up! Thank God for signing. Jakob would have been a mess for 3 years had not signed. Luckily Kate is an early talker and makes her opinion known so signing wasnt a big deal
I love you bunches and miss you guys terribly!! xoxo