Saturday, March 7, 2009

Copy cat kids

The babies have started something really funny & cute, well cuter than normal. They have started to copy things other people do. This morning at breakfast Aaron and I were done eating but we were still at the table talking. Aaron stretched his arms out and put them behind his head. He said "look at them" both babies were sitting there with their arms behind their head just like daddy. It was hilarious!! It's so funny how just one day they started copying. They must see me put the child lock on the cabinet 10 times a day because now when it's off both babies will go over and try to put it on. Preston and Lily are really cued into things being out of place they will put the magnet toys on the fridge, put the balls back in the ball pit and even put shoes back where they go. I think they might be a little ocd like their momma! Lily is into trying to repeat what you say these days. Yesterday Aaron was reading a book and he got to a sheep and said "baa baa" Lily looked at him and said it loud and proud, "baa baa" Just when you think they are too small to listen or pay attention they surprise you. Now we really have to watch what we say and do. Next thing I know they will be dropping a 4 letter word in the middle of playgroup. No maybe not but you see what I'm saying!



Kim H. said...

That is adorable... I can just see them sitting there with their hands behind their heads... too funny!

Shelley said...

How funny. Mine also try to put the cabinet lock back on......except for when I'm not looking and they open the door and try to dig in the trash. :-)