Wednesday, March 18, 2009

some what normal

Starting on Sunday the babies woke up about an hour after they went down for a nap. I thought it was just because everyone was home and there was more noise during nap than usual. So on Monday I put them down and the same thing happened. Except after nap I didn't have anyone there to help me with the aftermath of a short nap. Anytime the babies have problems with their naps I immediately think something has GOT to be wrong. It makes for a very long and interesting day when they wake up at 1 instead of 2:30 and don't go back to bed until 7.
So we move into Tuesday and I think things will be better I have a new outlook on the day that whatever was bothering them has passed. HA! It was the same thing but an hour and half instead of an hour. I go to feel around in their mouths and both babies have more teeth coming in. That would explain the puddle of drool that seep through my socks. I kept thinking someone needs to stop spilling water all over the floor. As soon as I get good at something some teeth or a growth spurt throws a kink in my chain. Today I really tired them out and made sure to give Tylenol before nap time.
Hello 3 hour nap where have you been in the past 3 days this tired momma has missed you dearly!!!!!!

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Kim H. said...

Too funny - when in doubt give them meds! :-) I hope that their teeth come in soon and give you guys back your routine!