Wednesday, March 18, 2009

We have made the move

To forward facing car seat for Preston. HE LOVES IT!!!!! I am still nervous. I think I just read way to much stuff on the internet. He has finally made it to 23 pounds and I feel comfortable enough to turn him around. Now LITTLE LILY on the other hand won't be making the move, she is such a petite girl. She weighs in at only 20 pounds. It's crazy though because she eats as much if not more than Preston. I am sure it will catch up to her when she is 30 and doesn't understand why she can't just lose those last 10 pounds.


Kim H. said...

Oh you aren't kidding!! Girls are doomed... but hopefully she'll enjoy all those years of eating whatever and not gaining any weight. :-)

Betsy said...

i'll bet he loves it! can he and lily see each other better this way?

brandon is, obviously, still rear-facing, but because kyle and natalie are both in the third row i'm not so sure he'll ever want to be turned around--then he won't get to see what the two of them are up to! :D

Hajar Zamzam Ismail said...

We turned our boys around too, because they kept going crazy when they couldn't see us, but they have been over 23 pounds for awhile too.
I try to have faith in God for any added safety they need, they do ride all buckled in and everything. I think that's all anybody can really do, besides driving safely.
God bless you and keep your kids, and you, safe while you are driving!