Monday, March 2, 2009

What's with me

Lately I have been so scattered brained. Maybe it's age, maybe hormones or maybe I am really nuts. I have been forgetting things for example, yesterday was a mom's night out. I mentioned it to Aaron on Friday but from then until last night I completely forgot all about it. After we put the babies to bed last night I went to soak in the tub and Aaron comes in and says are you going? I said going where? He said Beth is here to pick you up. I scream oh crap I totally forgot. What mom on this earth would forget mom's night out. Seriously!
I have decided to start drinking less caffeine and trying to get to bed earlier. I usually drink a diet coke with dinner and end up staying up until past midnight. I am not sure what else to do besides get more sleep.

Everything else around here is going great. We are still blessed with great sleepers. The babies go to bed at 7 and wake at 7:30. I have been busy scrapbooking. I have taken on a few projects: a recipe swap, which is a swap between 5 ladies that scrapbook 5 recipes each and mail them to Jenn in Houston who sorts and mails them. I will get 25 recipes back to add to my collection. We did one in the fall and it was a great success. I am also working on mommy albums which is a scrapbook/advice book that will go in the Cypress Calling shower baskets, I am making 10 of these. Aaron has been busy with work, guitar and video games. Ashley is Miss Social Butterfly always on the go.

My aunt, uncle and cousin have made their flight arrangements to come to visit in July. We are so excited to have family here to hang out with us and see our lives in Canada. I think Aaron's mom and Mama Jean are going to try and come up in May or June since we aren't going to Texas/Louisiana until the end of July.
The snow seems to be on it's way out though I have heard from the locals that we will get one more big storm. As for now it's mostly slush instead of snow.

Have a good week!


Kim H. said...

I've been scatterbrained lately too - I don't know what it is, but I just don't seem to have as sharp of a memory as I used to. I was blaming it on vitamin deficiency - wonder if it is something to do with caffeine?

Hajar said...

You lucky Mama! I can't believe there are babies in this world that sleep that long! I think mine are doing well if no one wakes up for six hours straight. Yours are sleeping twice that long.

Jenn and Kevin Simpson said...

That is a pretty funny story. They say Diet Coke aids in memeory loss, but I still drink it.

You are blessed in the baby sleeping dept. Lately, Kiera has not been sleeping through the night and she is 26 months...ugghhh. Enjoy your sleepers!