Monday, March 30, 2009

Our weekend

We had a super weekend. On Saturday we attempted to go to Ashley's cheer competition. THe doors were to open at 12:30 and the competition starts at 1. Well with these things they always run late so I told Aaron we should get there about 1 so that there won't be a long line, WRONG! Ashley called when we were about 5 minutes away and said the line is so long and the gym is at capacity so they 50 or so people waiting in line won't be able to come in until people stat leaving. I thought ok great we will just go and wait in line and as the competition goes on people will leave after their kid performs. A small detail I didn't know as that Ashley was 2nd so we didn't get to see her. It was a huge cluster with 5 schools competing in a gym at an elementary school, you do the math. She didn't mind that we missed her and decided to stay. Aaron and I went and ran some errands then went back later to pick her up.

Sunday morning Aaron woke me up saying there is pack ice in the bay. My first thought was what's that shining into our house revealing all that dust. Oh it's the sun! We went downtown to eat breakfast and then to Signal hill to take some pictures of all the ice that has travelled thousands of mile to amuse the people. We also went to Cape Spear and got some really great shots. I have found this cool website that is an animation that shows where the ice is. I am on the hunt for icebergs this year. Last year we only saw a few since we didn't get here until July. I am hoping that when my friends come to visit in 10 days there will be a few to see.  

Today is day 1 of the babies sleeping in the same room during nap time. Not going well!  They do so great at bed time. We put them in their bed and they go to sleep. At nap time it's the complete opposite. Today they babbled, played and laughed for about an hour until I decided to separate them. Now here it is 3:30 and Lily is sleeping but Preston isn't. I can here him in there playing with his music dinosaur and talking to himself.  Joy.... maybe I will just take them for a walk later since the sun is out. We will try again tomorrow. 

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