Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A perfect balance

When we lived in Houston I found myself always busy, always stressed and never enough time to breath. Now that we live in a place where I don't have much of a social life things are pretty easy. There isn't any traffic, not much socializing to do on the weekends and I only stress about where playgroup is, what's for dinner or why the house is a mess.
My good friend Jenn recently posted on her blog about this very topic. When we were talking last week I told her that the only reason my house is clean, the laundry is done and dinner is cooked is because of "the list" When I get up in the morning or the night before I make a list. It is basically a to do for the day. If I have to pick Ashley up from somewhere I use that as an opportunity to run into the store for some thing. Leaving the kids in the car with her makes a 30 min shopping trip more like 10.
Normally my list might have floors, laundry, dust, hot tub, windows, grocery items, things I need to google or maybe just a scrap book title floating around in my head.
Either way when I complete my list I reward my self by getting on the computer. I feel like if I get sucked into the computer first thing in the morning I will waste time when I could be doing something constructive. Isn't it sad that I put more pressure on myself than anyone does? I figure Aaron goes to work everyday to provide for our family there is no need for me to sit home and be lazy, though I could be but that pressure thing gets in the way.



Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

Lists are great. I acutally use the Motivated Moms list, got it online, and it has a checklist for every day. Makes me feel accompished!

Annie said...

I use list for different things, too. I agree with you, if my husband work every day (including Saturday) I do my best for the house and the girls.